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In 1985, Balcioglu Group was established on its currently underlying philosophy of “the right infrastructure, the right material and the right application” and started to serve the construction industry as a commercial player in application, distribution and production of timber, insulation and roof covering.

Continuing on its very own path as well as adding pluses and being the follower of quality, innovation and technology, Balcioglu Group had set itself the goal of leadership in its activities in all sectors and ,eventually, reached its goal.

In a period of almost 20 years, Balcioglu, accelerating its practice in application, has always stayed clearly ahead of its peers through the confidence and possessed expertise stemming from the vast experience of a portfolio of approximately 10 million m2 of insulation and roof covering application.

Following the acquisition of numerous official distributorships of many respected and major national and international brands due to its high achievements in application, marketing and distribution in the field of insulation and roof covering application, Balcioglu has enjoyed countless awards and top rankings in terms of service and revenue.

As a result of its great emphasis on R&D, Balcioglu has played an important role in the development of the industry and has earned  “the first distributor of plywood material” title by introducing plywood product line to the Turkish market for the first time.

Today, all of the countries that command the worldwide plywood production such as Russia, Finland, Brasil, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and many more countries from several continents are  suppliers and provide products under the Balko Plywood Quality Standards that drive the Turkish market.

By adding to its product line OSB Panels that present practical short and long term solutions, Balcioglu has reached the market leadership through the acquisition of the first and main distributorship of the world’s OSB and Chipboard giant Kronospan.

In all subindustries active either as distributors or as representative always working with partners who assign importance to R&D and quality, Balcioglu Group conducts its general administration in Istanbul at the headquarters of all 4 group companies while its central distribution is through 2 shops and 3 different central warehouses also in Istanbul.

With its:

Izmir Regional Office and Warehouses,

Adana Regional Office and Warehouses,

Ankara Regional Office and Warehouses,

Kocaeli Regional Office and Warehouses,

Antalya Regional Office and Warehouses,

Turkey’s first and most comprehensive construction materials web space

All services and materials are transferred from North to South and from West to East with the philosophy of The right infrastructure, The right material, the right application.

In international distribution, Balcioglu presents its services and the brands it owns or represents to the world, especially the Middle East, Africa and Middle Asia, through its distributors and affiliates scattered around the world.

Continuing its activities under the ISO standards with 5 companies (4 domestic, 1 international) hundreds of employees, Balcioglu is serving industries spanning from Construction to Advertising, Defense, Prefabricated Structures and Furnishing and their subindustries as market leader with its products in wood, roof covering, siding, waterproofing, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, fireproofing through either its own brands and production or international distributorships.

With its founding and board memberships in forthcoming key institutions and establishments that drive the industry at both national and industrial scales, Balcioglu has always been active and continued to participate and lead in many projects to make contributions beyond expectations.

Without compromising its “the right infrastructure, the right material and the right application” philosophy, Balcioglu looks forward with confidence.

Balcioglu  …   “ The product of the world, The world quality”.