Balko Plywood products are selected in the construction of BJK’s new stadium

In the refurbishment of the Inonu Stadium, Balko Plywood products are used. The most important feature of the stadium is its convertible roof so that adverse weather conditions will not effect excitement inside. The top of the stadium will be opened to enjoy great weather in summer. As the layout of the project recently comes to life, the base of the stadium is be relocated for about 40 meters northwards, to enable the construction of an amphitheatre on the seaside where the old bleacher used to be. According to the new project, shopping malls, a big parking area, restaurants that cater to diverse appetites, offices, shops and multi purpose lounges.

Additionally, as a result of their cooperation with the Monuments Committee and Istanbul Tourism Office the underground tunnels that kept their mystery for long years will be opened to touristic visitors. Following the approval of all related institutions, the symbolic demolition was ignited by Besiktas President ,Fikret Orman on June 2nd, 2013. The new stadium is planned to be finished within a period of as short as 16 months.


Views Of BJK’s Stadium Project & Balko Products